AKB48 SHOW たかみな総監督のお説教部屋呼び出しメンバー:松井玲奈 | Lecture Room Takahashi Minami X Matsui Rena

During their series, the Lecture Room was one of the most important segments from AKB48 Show. From the first 3 seasons, this segment was host by #akb48 TEAM A/SOUKANTOKU Minami Takahashi until her graduation, on April 8, 2016. Starting from October 8, 2016 until the series finale, AKB48 TEAM A/SOUKANTOKU Yui Yokoyama take over the segment, which interviews one random 48G Member.

In Nogizaka46 Show episodes, this segment was host by NOGIZAKA46 CAPTAIN Reika Sakurai.

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