AKB48 SHOW たかみな総監督のお説教部屋 AKB48劇場から生中 | Takahashi Minami Watanabe Mayu

In this segment “Takamina Lecture Room” was live from akb48 theater.
During their series, the Lecture Room was one of the most important segments from AKB48 Show. From the first 3 seasons, this segment was host by #akb48 TEAM A/SOUKANTOKU Minami Takahashi until her graduation, on April 8, 2016. Starting from October 8, 2016 until the series finale, AKB48 TEAM A/SOUKANTOKU Yui Yokoyama take over the segment, which interviews one random 48G Member.

In Nogizaka46 Show episodes, this segment was host by NOGIZAKA46 CAPTAIN Reika Sakurai.

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